Monday, 10 July 2017


The recent SHIBORI TEXTURES workshops have been a great success!
Thanks to everyone who came along, well-prepared with piles of wonderful 
pre-felts AND lots of energy & enthusiasm to experiment with
all the different techniques and possibilities…

As explained in previous posts the SHIBORI stages involve folding, pleating, stitching 
and binding lots of different shapes and textures into the pre-felts. 
This could include buttons, beads and felt balls which all give different effects...

Here are some photos from the workshops of pre-felts, 
prepared and ready for further felting…

And here are some of the results after felting...

Lots of amazing felted textures,and organic shapes
  -  some quite random and unexpected - 
all extremely unique!

When these techniques are applied to pieces of feltwork, 
whether a flat 2-D picture or a 3-D vessel, they create textures and provide an
 extra dimension that can be further embellished 
with stitching and beading..

At the end of the workshops everyone went home with lots of 
wonderful samples
and plenty of ideas for future projects...

And so did I...!    

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