Monday 2 April 2018

3-D FELTING on a smaller scale...

Over the years I’ve held many 3-D FELT workshops explaining the techniques of using resists to create all manner of seamless items—bags, bowls, hats, slippers. 
The range and variation of shapes only limited by one’s imagination, 
energy levels and size of the table top!
The “3-D Small Projects” workshop came about when I started to think SMALL and
 realised the scope of felting smaller items, which opened up another 
avenue of endless possibilities.
Using exactly the same techniques the only difference is the scale. 
Fibres are laid out in the same way, but less are needed. The laying out process 
is quicker so several items can be laid out, then rolled and felted altogether, 
saving time and energy!

  These are all small seamless 3-D forms and make perfect cases and covers for almost anything - a case for a mobile phone or pair of scissors, 
a tiny coin purse, an amulet bag which is barely 2"/ 5cm wide…

A quirky glasses case or pencil case in the shape of a fish

A bird shaped purse with a wing flap….
As with all feltmaking everyday kitchen tools are very useful for shaping. 
With these small projects it’s difficult to get your hands inside so wooden spoons are 
perfect for this purpose. They also come in handy to support the felt while it’s drying.

The recent 3-D Small Projects workshop held last week was the first of it’s kind and still experimental, but all my students enjoyed the day and each went away with 2-3 projects plus all the reusable template shapes to continue at home.
All these items are FUNCTIONAL and FUN! They are relatively simple to felt and make wonderful gifts. Easy to personalise and decorate with stitching and beads… 
Everyone will want one!

Now, after completing my samples I have the great pleasure of raiding my stash of threads, beads and buttons and decorating them all. 

I’ve also discovered an amazing range of decorative clasps available on-line that give a professional finishing touch to the little purses. 
I will keep you up to date with my progress...

I've just arranged another "3-D Small Projects" workshop on 
Wednesday 9th May at Seely Hall, Brook, IOW
Click here for more details....

And you can click on any of the photos to enlarge them. 

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