Saturday 21 December 2019


An amazing conclusion to another busy year!

The indigo felt pods and pebbles, whose production and progress has been well documented here over the summer months, have found their way onto a plinth, 
as part of this OPEN exhibition at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight 

A Life in Nature draws together a diverse range of paintings, ceramics,
textiles, prints and video, reflecting personal responses and 
connections to the natural world. 

In many cases the artists' statements accompanying the artworks 
are as thought provoking as the work. 

Music from one of the exhibits provides a haunting soundtrack, 
filling the gallery space as you walk around...

Displayed amongst the artworks are historical specimens and artefacts 
linked to recording nature, from the IOW Natural History & Archaeological Society celebrating its centenary this year.

It really is an amazing show and I'm thrilled that the felt pods 
are a part of it all...  

Come and find some precious moments of peace and sanctuary here! 

it's a perfect opportunity to escape the madness of the High Street,
especially during this run up to Christmas, 

but if you have more time in the New Year 
the exhibition runs until the 1st February 2020

Happy Christmas everyone!

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