Tuesday 1 September 2015


It’s been a while since my last post…  Internet problems haven’t helped and a very busy summer! Can’t believe it's the first of September...

... and AUTUMN arrives early to ‘The Felted Garden’ with much preparation 
for the new season of workshops ahead, all with autumnal themes.

I’ve always had a great fascination for seed pods. Not only do I enjoy harvesting 
them from our garden but I also collect interesting pods, 
and love having them around. 

This year they are taking on even greater significance as all these natural shapes
will become perfect inspiration for the workshops.

In our steep garden here at Freshwater Bay, we battle against the salty winds 
and grow tough drought & wind resistant plants.
 If anything survives here I let it  - even if they are really considered weeds! 
These magnificent teasels have to be among my favourites...
 all grown from seed…

And the wonderful phlomis seed stems almost rival their flowers...

 Sea holly thrives with echinops, sedums, crocosmia, phormiums, euphorbias...
all the tough guys! 

And I’ve already started gathering seed heads…

 Closer to the shelter of the house growbags are bursting with 
ornamental gourds, including this amazing Turks Turban..

 Many felted pots have distinctive organic forms - it doesn’t take much 
shaping to create pod-like structures and vessels. 
This is what we will be exploring in the “Seeds & Pods” workshops at 
Ventnor Botanic Gardens on the 10th & 11th October. 

We will be designing and creating 3-D forms using a resist and looking at 
seeds and pods for ideas. You will be free to wander round the gardens
 sketching and photographing plants and I will have my seed collection
displayed in the Garden Studio.
There will be plenty to see and inspire... It promises to be a great weekend!

For more details about the Ventnor Seeds & Pods days and other 
workshops follow this link…

Hopefully I may catchup with you at one of the autumn workshops. 

This really is a most inspirational time of year, so where ever you are  - in your garden
or out walking in the counrtryside - think FELT!

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