Wednesday 24 May 2017

Summer SHIBORI workshops...

Having taking time away from felt making to prepare for my exhibition 
in April things are slowly getting back to normal again… 
A very big THANK YOU to everyone who came along to Quarr Abbey.
It was wonderful to have so many visitors - lots of friends & holiday makers. 
Don’t worry if you were unable to make it, there is another chance to see 
the exhibition in July and there’s more photos + info at 

Now it’s back to feltmaking with two SHIBORI workshops coming up this summer. 
There was a great response to the first workshop in March so I’ve arranged two 
new dates and there’s more details if you follow the link at the end of this post.

SHIBORI is a Japanese term used to describe the various techniques 
of knotting and binding cloth before dyeing, which results in wonderful
patterns and effects. 
3-D textures can also be created by twisting, folding, gathering 
and stitching into the fabric.

If SHIBORI techniques are applied to felt making at the pre-felt stage, 
then you continue to felt the material, the shaping remains 
permanent giving some unexpected results!

It adds another dimension to feltwork.  
Areas of texture can be introduced into flat felted pictures 
and 3-D work.enhancing and emphasising detail,
 which can be worked further with stitches and beads. 

The folds, ridges, bumps and pointy tendrils create some 
wonderful organic shapes!

The SHIBORI workshops are aimed at feltmakers with some experience and 
offer a chance to spend a day experimenting with these unusual techniques.
No pressure to achieve a finished piece, just trying out different fibres and effects,
felting lots of samples and enjoying the day with like-minded people… 

 I’m suggesting everyone comes along well-prepared with plenty of pre-felts so 
we can start immediately with the shibori stages. I will be demonstrating and
bringing along plenty of examples as you can see here…

And there are more details of the new workshop dates 
at Seely Hall in Brook if you follow this link...

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