Wednesday 10 June 2015

FABULOUS Felt Flowers...

I’ve recently been felting flowers in preparation for ‘The Felted Garden’ flower workshops - the aim was to create flowers with different petal formations that can all be felted and shaped using the same method of laying out fibres… 

So with a little artistic licence here are my flowers -
pansies, clematis, poppies and lilies…

Felting flowers is a perfect class for beginners as it introduces the basic 
techniques of felting and gets everyone used to handling the fibres, 
but when first timers come into the class and see the samples they always 
shy away and worry that they’ll never be able to do this…

Well... after a couple of hours things change! 
As you can see by these workshop photos, contagious enthusiasm takes hold 
and by the end of the day everyone goes home with several beautiful flowers, 
leaves and stems, and a desire to continue making more…

Now I'm busy getting ready for the Isle of Wight Open Studios which takes 
place in July, and 'The Felted Garden' workshops will continue in September 
at some great garden venues, with suitably autumnal themes..

I will be holding a "Painting with Fibres" workshop at Northcourt Manor, Shorwell 
and there will be plenty of inspiration to be found in the extensive gardens 
surrounding this 400 year old manor house.

And I shall be back at Ventnor Botanic Gardens in October
 for a ‘Seeds & Pods’ workshop.which should be great fun!

These workshop dates will be posted as soon as dates and details 
are finalised!

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