Sunday 20 December 2015


As Christmas fast approaches I’m looking back on another very busy year 
of workshops. One very special pleasure I’ve discovered from 
my relatively brief time teaching is the amazing feedback that comes, 
sometimes long after the workshops are over… 

e-mails are sent with attached photos of new feltwork, hand-written letters and
 beautiful hand-made cards arrive from the most unexpected places…

Some days ago I received this wonderful Christmas card from Debbie, 
along with a letter explaining that the “Winter Sunset” printed on 
the card was actually felted by her daughter Rachel. 

Debbie has been to several of my workshops, including the autumn
 ‘Painting with Fibres’ at Northcourt Manor and Rachel was so impressed with the 
results that she wanted to try felting some Christmas presents. 
Debbie went on to explain that Rachel has a speech and language disorder 
which prevents her from doing some things, but her artwork is very important, 
especially ceramics and she has now found another new creative medium 
which she loves… And is obviously enjoying, with amazing results!

I was really touched by Rachel’s card and Debbie’s letter. 
It made me realise that the knowledge that is taught and shared in my classes 
actually has a life of its own and is passed on again and again, 
usually without me ever knowing…

I came to teaching late in my working life, and rather reluctantly… 
Having free-lanced as a designer/illustrator for over 30 years, leading a very
solitary existence and having no teaching experience, the idea was 
somewhat daunting! When I started showing my felt designs at craft events I 
had so many enquiries for workshops that the persuasion was difficult to 
resist and I thought I’d have a go…

Now I’m in my 6th year of teaching workshops, which in itself is unbelievable! 
The pleasures and satisfaction that comes with this ‘new’ job are impossible to explain. There are many creative aspects to it, but it is that personal interaction 
with so many different people that is absolutely priceless.

So the workshops will continue next year and I will post up the new dates 
as soon as they are arranged.

I’m also celebrating the 100th posting on this blog! 
Another milestone, which also comes with the realisation that it is being read 
by so many people all over the world who I will never know…!

To all of you who have been to my workshops
 and to my blog followers wherever you are
 for your interest and support and have a wonderful peaceful Christmas 
with your families and friends.

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