Monday 28 March 2016

The WINTER GARDEN workshops...

I’m not sure what happened to February... or March? 
We may have had an extra leap day but it didn’t make much difference... 
I can't believe we're celebrating Easter

It’s been a busy time with the FELTED GARDEN workshops, 
so I’m just going to post a small selection of some of the fantastic 
students' work produced over the past weeks...
And don't forget you can click on any of the photos to enlarge.

First, way back in February - a full weekend of ‘Painting with Fibres’ workshops 
at Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Certainly the winter gardens inspired some amazing pictures, 
using a whole range of fibres and textures to achieve 
some very wintery effects…

...many of these pieces were felted by new feltmakers.
A fun day felting flowers with the Guild of SW&D at Rookley 
bought plenty of colour back into the workshop!

Then followed two workshops at the lovely Seely Hall in Brook Village
felting scarves and 3-D forms.
 Again both very mixed groups with first timers
working alongside more experienced felters, 
which always works well... 

Lots of original ideas, inspired laying out and clever results, 
including a wonderful cherry blossom stole, a Celtic dragon scarf, 
a giant shell and a teddy bear hand puppet - 
which just proves the versatility of the process and 
how anything is possible!

It's always difficult to photograph felt at the end of the day when it's 
still wet and soggy - it never looks it's best, 
so it's a delight when someone brings back a finished piece to show me 

 Especially when it’s been worked and stitched as beautifully as 
these pieces by Sue, Rowena, Soosun, Barbara and Ann...

Now the winter workshops are over for the moment 
so I’m looking forward to the warmer months ahead and 
arranging some new FELTED GARDEN workshop dates in June
with some summery garden themes, 
and these will be posted very soon...

Happy Easter to you all! 

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